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gyspy ballads
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10th-Mar-2010 03:19 am - Post three: 200+ icons
[001-007] Alice in Wonderland
[008-013] David Bowie
[014-021] Death Note
[022-042] Clue (The Movie)
[043-051] Advent Children Complete
[052-081] Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Ceberus
[082-099] X-Men Origins: Wolverine
[100-129] S. Darko
[130-167] Sleepy Hollow
[168-181] Dark Shadows
[182-190] Evanna Lynch
[191-202] Green Day
[203-210] Final Fantasy X
[211-217] Misc. (Conor Oberst, Howl's Moving Castle, Watchmen)


'I hated her... SO MUCH... it was flaming, flames, FLAMES... on the side of my face... heaving breaths, heaving...'Collapse )

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